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Upcoming shows [23 Jan 2007|10:55am]

CON has shows coming up in the south!

Thats right....they are going on tour.

Here are just a few:

Feb 23rd-The Nick in Birmingham, AL
March 3rd-Brothers Bar in Jacksonville, AL

You can go to www.myspace.com/courseofnature for more info about upcoming shows.
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PLEASE HELP FIND JOE!! [30 Nov 2003|02:23pm]


[08 Apr 2003|04:47pm]

friggen snow

snow in New England (Connecticut) in APRIL!
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[27 Mar 2003|06:58pm]

hey ne one in melbourne Australia, two of my friends and i have had a really bad couple of weeks. were looking for a brain numbing party this weekend!!!! GET BACK TO ME IF U CAN HELP>
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[01 Feb 2003|10:46pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

hey, this is my first post here.
all i want to say is that they rock, and if there is nebody there/here who wants to help me out pls do.
see im from australia, and i came across CON my accident and now i love em, but they haven released down here. :(
i dont know wat can be done but im hopen!!!!
bpb Beni

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CON pics [24 Sep 2002|12:47pm]


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sweethearts [30 Aug 2002|06:25pm]

mark made it to the VMA's!!

mark & melissa
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Guitar One April 2002 [21 Feb 2002|04:54pm]

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Live Acoustic Studio Recording [20 Feb 2002|01:34pm]

Watch Course of Nature in the studio..

[cable/dsl or dial-up]

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Audio Files [20 Feb 2002|11:20am]

Looking to hear some more tracks from the album before it jits the stores? go here!

Remember, SUPERKALA hits stores February 26!!
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Tour Dates [14 Feb 2002|12:41pm]

Wed, February 27, 7:30PM Birmingham AL - Five Points Music Hall

Fri, March 8, 8:00PM Omaha NE - Ranch Bowl

Sat, March 9, 8:00PM St Louis MO - Galaxy

find tickets now on ticketmaster!!

and everyone needs to go pick up the april issue of GUITAR ONE which features Course Of Nature!! The article is here..
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Wall of Shame [14 Feb 2002|12:40pm]

Something has happened to your world
Can you imagine you could
There's too much pressure on you now
Why you would ever throw away
What's been given to you
Woke up and nothing's even there

Now you're falling too far away
It is hard

Sit inside your wall of shame
Believing what's forgotten
You make it hard to find the world
Sit inside your wall of shame
And nothing even matters
What can you say but I'm to blame

When trouble lingers on your mind
You wait; but dig in deeper
There's no more room for honesty
Breathe in the vapors of your lies
Just when you're choking on them
These thoughts are spinning around your head
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Difference of Opinion [14 Feb 2002|12:39pm]

I see my life is taking time away from me
Chains that bind the things I want to change,
I can't break free
I told you so, now I can't let go
Of the things I've strived so hard to be

I'm afraid I've come too far
My changing life's been torn apart
But I won't give up on my dreams
I don't think I'll ever see
The things you wanted me to see
I only hope we can be friends again

Pain, the pain I've felt is growing deep inside of me
I can't imagine what you wanted me to be
What if I fell down; would you pick me up
Would you be there taking stabs at me
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Someone Else To You [14 Feb 2002|12:39pm]

If I could help the way I feel inside
Then I could say those words to you
Now I don't mean to be unjustified
But I'm scared of losing you

You didn't think that I could change
I proved you wrong and walked away
Only I control the way that I reply
Words are only promises
That can't be kept when I make them
I only wish that I was someone else to you

I have seen the way you look at me
And I'm taken by your voice
But something pulls at me from far away
Like a noose I tied for you
Now nothing seems to be the way we want
And I'm tired of playing games
So if I drift away from what we had
It's all unjustified

I've taken away everything
I could never seem to be
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from fnxradio.com [14 Feb 2002|12:33pm]

Course of Nature hail from the oddly named, Enterprise, Alabama. Singer Mark Wilkerson and guitarist John Mildrum started their rise in 2000 as part of the band, Cog. Drawing influences from a diverse spectrum of from Motown to metal the group was a bar band in Alabama, banging out covers of songs by Duran Duran, Warrant, and Metallica. After starting to weave originals into their set, the band eventually opened for the Marvelous 3 and Everything. Wilkerson and Mildrum then set out on their own. Adding drummer Rickey Shelton, formerly of Dust For Life, the band renamed themselves Course of Nature and banged out their debut Superkala, which will be released on Atlantic Records early this year.

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Caught in the Sun [11 Jan 2002|05:38pm]

listen via REALPLAYER..

You're my distance, destination of choice
I'd give anything just to hear your voice
I could have passed you on the street without saying a word
Most times, I miss the voice that goes unheard

What If I missed you, you got caught in the sun
What If I did something never to be undone

People everywhere how could I be sure
If it's you that I have been looking for
What would it take for me to be comfortable
With you, with me you're the chosen one

Will you wait for me or will I be too late this time
You are there for me this I hope and pray
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course of nature [11 Jan 2002|05:13pm]

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<center><img src="http://www.picklefish.com/photo/con005.jpg" width="349" height="440" border="0" alt=""</center>
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course of nature [11 Jan 2002|05:12pm]

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<center><img src="http://www.picklefish.com/photo/con004.jpg" width="360" height="293" border="0" alt=""</center>
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course of nature [11 Jan 2002|05:11pm]

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<center><img src="http://www.picklefish.com/photo/con003.jpg" width="360" height="292" border="0" alt=""</center>
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caught in the sun [25 Dec 2001|02:06pm]

course of nature's single, caught in the sun is being blasted on radio stations all over. just yesterday i heard two local musicians themselves talking about it on huntsville's 96.1 the rocket radio station.. so keep calling and requesting it guys!
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